What tools will I need?

We call these Tools of the Trade:

Here are the tools you will have to have to complete a thorough inspection.

♦  Smartphone or digital camera (for checklist app software and/or pictures)
♦  Combustible Gas Detector
♦  Quality Flashlight (Bring backup batteries)
♦  Inspection Mirror (for looking at furnace burners and register)
♦  GFCI Tester (outlet tester)
♦  2-Prong Circuit Tester
♦  Ladder
♦  Clipboard (for notes or paper checklist)
♦  Tool Carrier (Such as a tool bucket with tool carrier inlay)
♦  Order tabs for issuing receipts

♦  Moisture meters are nice to have to indicate if leaks in wood are active.
♦  Radon detectors are nice to have in areas as an add on service.
♦  Infrared Cameras are used by some inspectors to find hidden leaks, missing insulation and items not visible behind walls. However these are     not necessary.