How much does it cost to become a home inspector

The home inspection is a business like any other, and starting one off right is important. Every inspector needs to pay startup costs for training, tools and more. It is true you can become a home inspector in just a few steps, but starting your own business is more intensive. That’s why we are here to help like no one else in the industry. We help with many of the essentials. We can and will help with getting certified and an inspection license if needed, a business plan sample, a checklist, business cards and insurance. The more you’re able to invest in yourself, the more quickly you can move up in the inspection industry.

We get you started to be a self employed inspector for well under $1000; considering costs with tools, training, and ladder included. Starting a new franchise might cost up to $50K, but as an independent home inspector entering the field from scratch our costs are much lower. We are the BEST way into the home inspection industry!