What tools will I need?

Inspection Tool List:

Below is your inspection tool list, we recommend you have these to complete a proper inspection.


Even though this is your inspection tools list you can see there are several optional tools. In the case of the infrared camera if you are competing with someone who has a camera, or the customer is curious about using one you can dismiss the use of one with some common sense.

If you can use one, that’s great, it is good to have more tools at your disposal and to be able to upsell. If it is not on your home inspection tools list, you can let the customer know some of the benefits of the camera. It allows you to see some things behind the walls such as areas lacking insulation but also remind them that a seller will not fix these issues and even the buyer isn’t going to fix these issues unless a full renovation is scheduled to be completed at which point you would see it when you ripped the walls open. That is why you choose not to bother using the infrared camera.

An unthought of item on your inspection tool list is our insurance we provide to you as part of our ongoing membership. You may complete inspections under our name and be covered. This is a great selling tool to give both Realtors and customers alike peace of mind and confidence in your work and as to your qualifications as a professional.