Become a Home Inspector

Home Inspector Job Description

Home inspectors work with realtors and homeowners who are preparing to sell their property. The inspector evaluates all areas of the home for function and safety, and documents their findings for later consideration by clients.

A Home Inspectors main functions are:

1. Provide the full current condition of a property. Make sure a building is safe, and keep a record of what needs updating or repair.

2. Let the new buyers know if anything needs to be repaired or further investigated.

3. Provide documentation for Realtors and buyers to negotiate with the selling party in a home purchase scenario.

What do home inspectors inspect?

During a home inspection, you’ll need to take a close look at all areas of the home and property. This is a very thorough inspection. Home inspections might vary based on the inspector, but what’s covered in a home inspection remains predictable. During a home inspection, 6 basic areas are always covered: Exterior, interior, foundation, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.

How long home inspections take also varies by inspector. The same rules apply to home inspection as anywhere else: the more experienced someone is, the more efficient they are.

US Home Inspector Training makes you more than just another home inspector. We give you need to impress realtors, get repeat business and make good money right away. We have classes to teach you exactly what to look for, and how to document it. By the time your training is done, you’re ready to confidently begin your inspection career.