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Want to diversify your skill set? With the proper amount of training through our Home Inspection Training Courses, you can become a home inspector. In any economy, any extra income and another source of construction or contracting referrals can go a long way. Get your home inspector training online. At US Home Inspector Training, we will ensure that you get the training and credibility necessary to join our extensive network of home inspectors.


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Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Real Estate Agents

I probably don’t have to explain why good relationships with real estate agents/Realtors are important, right? One of the best ways a home inspector can build up business is by having a good relationship with real estate agents in their area—that’s why! While this might sound simplistic, building up relationships is not. It can take a lot of time and determination. Here are some tried and true methods for building and sustaining positive relationships with...

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This course was the best decision I ever made. My state requires an exam. I had taken a different online course and failed the NHIE exam. I signed up for this course and they gave me the materials that I needed to become a properly trained inspector and to also pass my exam. I would recommend to anyone who wants get into the home inspection business to sign up with US Home Inspector Training!



I was looking for an affordable way to get into the home inspection industry without a long term commitment in case it wasn’t for me. My research showed it as my most affordable option and I went for it. The online courses prepared me properly and I can say after six months, I love it!
Thank you!



“I am happy with my choice to use US Home Inspector Training. Just passed my state required exam the first time, and I believe all the tools were given to me to succeed at a reasonable price. The program is what you make of it. Thank you!”



“Easy to follow curriculum. Responsive and helpful customer service. I got through the courses in one month and was working by month 2! I highly recommend US Home Inspector Training!”



“Great online school!! They always make sure to respond to any questions you may have about the material or access in a quick and timely fashion. The membership to a national organization after completing the courses also helped tie everything together with added courses and videos.”


Our Home Inspection Training Course

The best part of our home inspector training online is that you can take our courses on your own schedule and complete each online course at your own pace. Many future inspectors already have deep experience in some trade and if they feel comfortable can skip to the final exam to test their skills and save time. Most people focused on completing this course can finish in one week to a one-month period. This is based on your experience and time available to take your courses. Try your home inspection training online with our system and you won’t be let down. We also pair you with a nationally recognized home inspector association to polish you off at the end of your training and to give you the credibility desired by Realtors.

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