For home inspectors looking to increase revenue and add value to their company, add sewer camera inspections to your list of services.

Adding sewer camera inspections sounds like a no-brainer, but the real question is, how do you market sewer camera inspections to your clients? This article covers a few simple ways to successfully market your sewer camera inspection service, where to do it, and how.

Prepare in Advance
Preparing yourself with training is the first step to success. Adding a new service can be nerve-wracking, and we strongly recommend that you take a training course to educate yourself on what it takes to complete a sewer camera inspection.

Pro Tip: offers an in-depth training course that allows you to feel confident when performing an inspection and marketing your service. Complete the course and receive $100 off the Scout 3-Pro at! covers everything from issues you can expect to encounter, the tools you will need, safety, reporting, pricing, and more. This training course also contains methods on how to market the service and provides each attendee with an informational and customizable presentation to introduce sewer camera inspections to real estate agents.

Educate the Agents
Ask to sponsor a lunch that includes a short presentation to real estate agents in your area. An informative presentation also creates networking opportunities to help you stand out amongst the competition. Most importantly, a presentation gives you the platform to build awareness around the problems detected with a sewer camera inspection.

Pro Tip: Focus on education. Inform the agents on how sewer camera inspections help protect their clients from having to spend thousands of dollars on repairs down the road.

If public speaking is not for you, or you want to increase your reach, email campaigns are another way to create awareness. Just like a presentation, keep your email short and educational. In a world with inboxes full of spam, it’s important to craft an email that focuses on how this information benefits the client. Include images of common problems detected and the cost associated with fixing them. You can also offer promotions and discounts while directing the agent to your website.

Running a promotional campaign increases your exposure, especially when you first start offering a new service. Promote a discounted rate or package deal of your services through email, social media, and on your website.

Pro Tip: Run a Facebook advertisement for the month you offer a promotion. You can target audiences by location, get more views, and generate leads with a relatively low budget.

Refrain from marketing your sewer camera inspection as a “new” service. Instead, run a timely promotion of your service at a discounted rate to create urgency. Running a promotional campaign for a limited time will help generate quality leads and set the expectation that your service is in high demand.

Keep your promotional prices reasonable. If your promotion seems too good to be true, this can cause a lack of trust with potential clients. Compare prices in the area and confirm that your discount will make sense to customers and agents.

Talk to the Client
During the home inspection, speak to the client about the value of a sewer camera inspection. Having a casual conversation allows you to explain the advantages of this service. Avoid language that sounds like a sales pitch. Instead, take the role of the expert and discuss common problems that a sewer camera inspection can detect and what that means for the client.

Pro Tip: When you arrive at the home, discuss with your client your sewer camera service first, and allow them time to absorb this additional information while you conduct the home inspection.

Having visuals or videos on hand during these conversations lets the information speak for itself. This content will put less pressure on you to sell and empower the client to decide what is best for them.

Create Video Content
Videos are one of the best ways to increase awareness about a product or service. With the increase in social media use, videos have skyrocketed to become an effective tool for marketing. The client may not know what they are looking for when you show them the video recording taken from the sewer camera. Recording audio over the video and adding arrows to draw their attention to the issues will help them understand.

Pro Tip:
Use a self-leveling camera head to help the client better visualize what they are looking at to avoid any confusion.

With apps like Instagram and TikTok, filming a video, editing, and publishing can take only minutes. Free features offered on these platforms are user-friendly, and sharing your video with thousands of people is as easy as clicking ‘publish’. Upload the videos to your website and Google Business page and share them on Facebook to maximize the number of viewers you reach.

There are many ways to market sewer camera inspections. Being prepared and educating yourself first are the best ways to produce and share educational marketing content with real estate agents and clients. Offering timely promotions will help generate more leads and get your service up and running.

By talking with your clients and sharing short but captivating videos, you are likely to empower them to decide to hire you for a sewer camera inspection. Lastly, you don’t have to have any video editing skills to utilize social media tools for editing. In no time at all, you will see your marketing efforts pay off when the inspections start rolling in!