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A home inspector is a term with which many people are not familiar, so before knowing anything else first it is important to understand what home inspection actually is. Basically, home inspection refers to the examination of the condition of a real estate property. The role of a home inspector is to pinpoint the issues that affect the value of the property. Now after knowing the literal meaningsome peoplemight think that becoming a home inspector is very easy and anyone can opt for this job. But people need to be clear that taking up the responsibility of a home inspector is not as easy as it seems to be. In short, it is not a cup of tea for everyone. This field requires certain skills, knowledge, and experience of a few years so that a person can excel in this particular job. Just because it is a home inspector doesn’t mean that people can take it lightly. It is a very serious job that needs to be performed very carefully, with full concentration and determination. All those people who aspire to become a home inspector know the value of this particular job and are well aware of the struggles and problems that they need to face from time to time during their training period.

Home Inspector training schools:

Now when people know that home inspection needs both practical and theoretical knowledge then they should not be surprised to know that the best schools are available that provide home inspector training to the individuals. These training institutes provideboth online and classroom training that makes them more convenient. Although home inspector classroom training is more preferable, online training has its own importance. Their training part includes inspecting structures, mechanicals, and other important parts of residential property. There are several training programs available for people to choose from. They can go for the one which suits themthe best according to the price and reviews.

Some of the best-listed home inspector training Institutes are:

  1. American home inspectors training:

This institute comes on the top. AHIT is the most recommended institute for the ones who want to become a home inspector. The best part about

this institute is that the training material provided by them is used across the country in real estate schools and universities. Also, it is perfect for those who want quality training and life-time support.


This is another highly recommended institute. It is the one-stop institute for the ones who want an all-in-one platform for training and professional resources. It provides training through online and live courses.

Inspection Certification Associates: 

This institute is for people who prefer both home inspector classroom training and online courses. The mission of ICA is to qualify the people through their online courses so that they can become a good home inspector.

Professional Home Inspection Institute:

 For all those people who have a fixed or low budget, PHII is one for them. They can get trained from the best and that too on a low budget. Providing quality training at an exceptional value is the specialty of this institute.

These were some of the best institutes that provide home inspection training. Mckissok training and Kaplan are also included in this list that meets the required demands of training and education.

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